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The Alpha Human Podcast features interviews with the mavericks, thought leaders, and innovators who defy conventional wisdom and shift the paradigm on how to optimize our skills, actions and mindset … those who lead the way to a better, brighter, and more powerful world to come for mankind. 

We are dedicated to sharing the unique knowledge acquired by trailblazers, high achievers, and subject-matter experts, who through insights into novel concepts, advances in the application of their craft, or having reached a stunning level of excellence in their field, can help us move closer to realizing the apex of our potential.

Our mission is to identify unique knowledge, curate the well honed strategies of iconoclasts, and shed light on the stunning developments in human performance, leadership, nutrition, psychology, science, fitness, and other areas of study and action that can accelerate our capabilities and push the boundaries of our endeavors. Advances in these areas promise wondrous progress to those committed to reaching the apex of human potential. 

Hence, our motto … Victory Through Insight!

Lawrence Rosenberg is the host of The Alpha Human Podcast and the author of 4 books on sales, strategy, and peak performance, including Chase the Championship, a survival-of-the-fittest manifesto for the up and coming sales superstar – The Ultimate Art of War, a unique edition of Sun Tzu’s legendary treatise that presents the master strategist’s brilliant aphorisms in stark fashion and bold relief, and Competitive Persuasion – Why Dealmakers, Closers & Negotiators Rule the World, a step-by-step game plan for selling your way to the top of any company. His latest book, New Gap Selling – How to Unlock your True Value as a Sales Professional, details the process for converting complex consultative selling into short sales cycle wins by leveraging your hidden value in the customer journey.  

For more information on Lawrence’s leadership, sales, peak performance, and coaching content visit: www.newgapselling.com

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