Dr. John Jaquish: The Elon Musk of the Fitness Industry

Dr. John Jaquish is the scientist behind the revolutionary X3-Bar, which uses a unique combination of the world’s most powerful resistance bands attached to a platform and detachable bar, that allows for the type of extreme force that builds muscle 3 times faster than conventional weight lifting, without the risk of joint injury. Dr. Jaquish […]

Chris Cavallini: Ex-Navy Deep Sea Diver & Founder of Nutrition Solutions

On the surface, Chris Cavallini’s story appears to be the simple tale of an entrepreneur living out the American Dream, a former elite Navy Deep Sea Diver, he is the founder of Nutrition Solutions, a highly successful company that provides fitness-specific meals to superstars from the UFC, NFL, and WWE, through to anyone with health […]

Jack McNamara: Founder & CEO of DrinkTru

Jack McNamara is a former pro athlete turned sports drink entrepreneur and the founder of DrinkTru, the company behind the clean energy shot known as TruEnergy. McNamara left his career as a professional hockey player to live and work out of his bedroom, a hovel tucked away in the back of a CrossFit gym, while […]

Dan Luna: Former Navy SEAL & Founder of 3LX

Dan Luna is a former United States Navy SEAL and an expert in Leadership with a highly accomplished military professional with over 20 years of experience in the SEAL Teams at the unit, operational and command level. Dan was a member of SEAL Team One where he served ten years completing five deployments, including two […]

Dr. Shawn Baker: CEO of MeatRx & Author of “The Carnivore Diet”

Dr. Shawn Baker is an elite-level athlete with multiple world records in rowing, he’s also an orthopedic surgeon who served in the US Airforce as a nuclear weapons launch officer and as a combat trauma surgeon and chief of orthopedics while deployed to Afghanistan. Dr. Baker is also the author of “The Carnivore Diet” and […]

Geoffrey Woo: CEO & Co-Founder of HVMN

Geoffrey Woo is the CEO and co-founder of HVMN, a Silicon Valley-based performance nutrition company and host of the Health Via Modern Nutrition podcast. Geoff is also a Stanford trained computer scientist and the creator of the world’s first drinkable ketone ester. In this episode of the Alpha Human Podcast, Geoff takes us through his […]

Tristan Haggard: Co-Founder of Primal Edge Health

Tristan Haggard, of Primal Edge Health, is one of the most vocal and well-known critics of a plant-based diet and a popular evangelist for a ketogenic regime of mostly meat and animal fats. However, what makes Tristan truly unique among many in the low-carb community is not only his extensive knowledge of nutrition, science, and […]

Al Globus: The Architect of Elysium

Al Globus has worked at the NASA Ames Research Center as a contractor since 1979, where he co-founded the NASA Ames Nanotechnology Group, and worked on projects for the Hubble space telescope, asteroid mining, the top-secret X37 space plane, space solar power and has published over 45 papers on these and other subjects, NASA has […]

Frank Tufano: Carnivore Diet & Fitness Coach

Our guest on this week’s episode of The Alpha Human Podcast is Frank Tufano who has been following a carnivore/animal products only diet for six years. Frank applies logic and science as his foundation for creating the highest vitamin & nutrient-dense diet with the least amount of inflammation, by only consuming foods our ancestors would […]

Lierre Keith & The Agripocalypse

Lierre Keith spent twenty years as a vegan, well past the date at which a plant-based diet wrecked her health. Now she’s a food activist with a  unique environmental philosophy, and the renowned author of the highly controversial book, The Vegetarian Myth. In this episode of The Alpha Human Podcast, Keith argues that veganism is […]