Tristan Haggard & The Fall of Man

Lawrence Rosenberg

At the core of all social engineering and propaganda that seeks to turn Man into a soulless machine in servitude to the elite, at the center of every “enlightened” movement, from climate change and eugenics, to socialism and transhumanism, you will find the rotting biological corruption of veganism. A dietary philosophy cum religion that is anti-human and nutritionally bereft, mainly because it is species-inappropriate for homo sapiens.

Why then feed a diet clearly fit only for animals to human beings? Such a regime only makes sense in the context of indoctrination into a political system that seeks to dominate man by convincing him he is unworthy of his status as the planet’s apex predator — for Man to be treated as a beast of burden, he must accept that he should eat like one.

Veganism is the nutritional ideology that every corrupt system which seeks to debase Man promotes because the diet destroys the body and the mind, undercutting our ability to think critically and defend ourselves physically from the dogma spewed, and force meted out, by an establishment that seeks to strap a yoke around humanity’s neck.

Plant-based diets corrupt the constitution of man so firmly that we will not only accept whole cloth the anti-human systems of climatism, communism, and corporatism, we will rabidly advocate for it, as we see with the agent provocateurs, agit-propagandists, and social justice zombie armies of today as they gleefully riot for such self-imposed demoralization at the behest of the system.

Tristan Haggard, of Primal Edge Health, understands first-hand the fanaticism of the vegan horde, having broken free of the grip of veganism and escaping the hive-mind social conditioning of California for a new life in southern Ecuador, Today, Tristan is one of the most vocal and well-known critics of a plant-based diet and a popular evangelist for a ketogenic regime of mostly meat and animal fats. He regularly exposes the absurdity of vegetarianism, confronting and debating many of the most prominent voices for the movement on his YouTube channel.

However, what makes Tristan truly unique among many in the low-carb health and wellness community is not only his extensive knowledge of nutrition, science, and biologic processes but the historic and philosophic forces behind modern civilization’s invention of social control, its debasement of human behavior, and why man so readily accepts the poison we are fed by a scientific dictatorship that wants to poison us with drugs, dogma, and diet at the behest of the charlatans and shamans of our Technetronic age.

As Tristan explained … “(Aldous) Huxley talked about the Perennial Philosophy and how this is the ancient philosophy … I think we’re looking at something that goes beyond just the last couple of hundred years.  So I think you have this thread throughout history even prehistoric world of these beliefs and this naturalistic philosophy and the control of nature and the control of the environment being very crucial … so if you give people an idea of where they came from that will load them and groom them psychologically and spiritually to have certain outcomes and to behave in a certain way, this would be beneficial.”

“So I think that what we see with Darwinism … yes, it’s used to it’s used for certain ends and controlling people, you tell people you’re just a monkey you’re just a beast … behave like monkeys behave like beasts … there’s also the level of … I’m so intelligent I can control the environment, I can control the weather, I can control genetic expression and human beings by selective breeding then using cybernetics and mass large scale eugenics systems … it’s kind of a Pandora’s Box that happened with the Enlightenment philosophy spread throughout the West, and this led ultimately to nihilism, and Hitlerism, and Stalinism, and the Soviet Union, and all these atrocities of the 20th century we see are the direct extension of this (Darwinistic) evolutionary worldview … but now you see the same big foundations or organizations that funded the Nazi eugenics movement funding the Green Movement and funding this revolutionary approach to food production ultimately pushing plant-based diets veganism and feeding of cellulose and keeping the meat for the elite.”

“As H.G. Wells talked about, and even Bertrand Russell wrote about, only the very rich will have real meat, everybody will eat lab-grown meat and cellulose and processed foods that are given to them and rationed to them because the wise ones, the Ascended ones (as they would consider themselves the masters of evolution) will have to control breeding and control resource allocation.”

Primal Edge Health Haggard on YouTube jailed for attacks on butchers and steak restaurants

David Pearce

The Hedonistic Imperative

Genesis, Creation, and Early Man by Seraphim Rose

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