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The Alpha Human Podcast features interviews with mavericks, warriors, high achievers, innovators, thought leaders and subject matter experts, those who through insight into their experiences, ethos, and knowledge, can help people better appreciate the potential that lies within all of us.   

Our mission is to share the journey of trailblazers, iconoclasts and those who have surmounted extraordinary challenges, and shed light on their stories to develop a greater understanding as to the scope of human performance, courage, discipline, mindset, persistence and determination – the qualities, traits and actions that can accelerate our capabilities and push the boundaries of what we believe is possible. 

Hence, our motto … Victory Through Insight!

Lawrence Rosenberg is the host of The Alpha Human Podcast and the author of 4 books on sales, strategy, and peak performance, including Chase the Championship, a no-holds-barred manifesto for the up and coming sales superstar.

He is also the author of The Ultimate Art of War, a unique edition of Sun Tzu’s legendary treatise that presents the master strategist’s brilliant aphorisms in stark fashion and bold relief – and Competitive Persuasion:Why Dealmakers, Closers & Negotiators Rule the World, a step-by-step game plan for selling your way to the top of any company. 

His latest book, New Gap Selling – How to Unlock your True Value as a Sales Professional, which decodes complex consultative selling, accelerates unduly long sales cycles, and positions the sales professional to rapidly win deals in a market dominated by those with analytics, intel, and insights.

For more information on Lawrence’s leadership, sales, and peak performance training and content, or to book him to speak at your next event, please visit: www.newgapselling.com

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