The Alpha Human Podcast

The Alpha Human Podcast features interviews with trailblazers, thought leaders, and innovators, those who pave the way to a better, brighter, and more empowering world.

We are dedicated to identifying and sharing the unique knowledge of subject matter experts who through insight into novel concepts, well-honed strategies, or advances in their field of excellence shed light on powerful new ideas and developments in human performance, nutrition, psychology, science, and fitness that can help us enhance our health, strength, and resilience, elevate our capabilities, and move us closer to realizing the apex of our potential.

Hence, our motto … Victory Through Insight!

Lawrence Rosenberg is the host of The Alpha Human Podcast and the author of 4 books on sales, strategy, and peak performance, including Chase the ChampionshipCompetitive Persuasion: Why Dealmakers, Closers & Negotiators Rule the WorldThe Ultimate Art of Wara unique edition of Sun Tzu’s legendary treatise that presents the master strategist’s brilliant aphorisms in stark fashion and bold relief, and ‘Sell The New Gap – How to Unlock your True Value as a Sales Professional, which decodes complex consultative selling, and positions salespeople to rapidly win deals using intel and deep market insight.

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