CHASE THE CHAMPIONSHIP: Kicking Ass, Taking Names, and Becoming a Dealmaker - The Philosophy and Principles of a Sales Champion

Chase the Championship is the sales manual that goes a step further. The book reveals the mindset and methodology necessary to compete with the world’s best salespeople and become your company’s number one dealmaker!

COMPETITIVE PERSUASION: Why Dealmakers, Closers and Negotiators Rule the World

Competitive Persuasion reveals the unique philosophy, distinctive set of principles and powerful advantage held by those who influence the influencers, the dealmakers. The book presents a highly effective, step-by-step strategy for starting as a sales rep with any organization and rising to become it’s top performer.

The Ultimate Art of War

Uncover the hidden set of principles guiding the world’s most dominant corporations, CEOs and power players in Lawrence Rosenberg’s The Ultimate Art of War, the most compelling version of Sun Tzu’s infamous treatise ever published.

Sell the New Gap - How to Unlock your True Value as a Sales Professional

Read “Sell the New Gap – How to Unlock Your True Value as a Sales Professional,”  and learn how to become a vital asset in your customers’ eternal hunt for new business, their ceaseless pursuit of excellence (and market share) as well as their never-ending fight to gain advantage over the competition. New Gap Selling is a quantum leap in sales methodology and selling skills that gives sales professionals the tools they need to win business and stand apart in a hyper-competitive market!