Alan Watson, Cardiovascular Nutrition Analyst & Author of Cereal Killer

Alan Watson is a patient advocate, cardiovascular nutrition analyst, and author of 21 Days to a Healthy Heart and Cereal Killer, The Unintended Consequences of the Low-Fat Diet.

Watson is also a cholesterol/saturated fat-heart hypothesis wrecking ball, he regularly exposes the corruption, lies and misleading information put out by bought and paid for industry-funded propagandists and health authorities who continue to spout misinformation about how saturated fat allegedly causes heart disease, and how you must lower your cholesterol to have a healthy heart.

In this episode of The Alpha Human Podcast, Watson exposes the big monied bias that promotes a low-fat, grain, soy, polyunsaturated vegetable/seed oil diet as healthy, and how they have been covering up the truth for 60 years.

Watson also discusses the doctors, scientists & researchers who pointed out early on that the cholesterol heart hypothesis was wrong and what we can do to educate ourselves against this dangerously false narrative.

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