Navy SEAL Bill Rapier: Getting Right With Christ, Dying Well & The AMTAC Mindset

In this episode of the Alpha Human Podcast, host Lawrence Rosenberg talks with Bill Rapier, a former Navy SEAL who spent 14 years as an elite operator with the Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU) and who is now dedicated to leveraging his vast experience in special operations to train civilians in self-defense through AMTAC Shooting and AMTAC Blades. In this compelling discussion, Bill shares profound insights into how his Christian faith intertwines with his professional ethos, specifically as it pertains to teaching life-preserving skills in potentially lethal scenarios. He opens up about reconciling the use of force with his spiritual beliefs, offering a nuanced perspective on serving in combat roles while maintaining a strong moral compass. His reflections provide a deeper understanding of the interplay between duty, faith, and the ethical considerations of self-defense and combat. The podcast also explores Bill’s approach to personal development, highlighting the significance of physical fitness, mindset, and spiritual alignment in effectively handling violent confrontations. He advocates for a holistic training philosophy that encompasses not just tactical skills but also the cultivation of mental and spiritual resilience. 




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