Delta Force’s Jeff Tiegs: YHWH, Jesus & The Thin Space between War, The Bible & Redemption

In this episode of the Alpha Human Podcast, Lawrence Rosenberg talks with Jeff Tiegs, a distinguished combat veteran with over 25 years of experience across elite units within U.S. Special Operations. Tiegs’s military journey took him from serving as an Army Ranger and Green Beret to leadership roles as an assault force commander and Lieutenant Colonel within the storied ranks of Delta Force, otherwise known as “The Unit,” where his contributions were pivotal in combat operations across Panama, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Transitioning from the battlefield, Tiegs now directs his expertise toward a different fight – combating sex trafficking through his nonprofit initiative, Skull Games, which takes a groundbreaking approach to bringing predators to justice and delivering freedom to innocent women and children. Jeff is also the author of “Where Have All the Heroes Gone?: A Pilgrimage Through the Bible, the Battlefield, and Back Home Again,” an impactful autobiography that interlaces his experiences with the U.S. Army Special Forces alongside pivotal stories from the bible and his spiritual journey, enriched with compelling insights into the lives of biblical figures such as King David and Jesus Christ. Throughout the podcast, Jeff reflects on the nuances of leadership, the moral complexities of combat, and the transformational power of Christian faith and duty. His story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, the importance of a purpose-driven life, and the continuous quest for redemption and service beyond the uniform. 


Where Have All The Heroes Gone? By Jeff Tiegs

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