SWAT Sniper Sgt. Charlie Eipper: Jesus Will Return As a Man Of War

On this episode of The Alpha Human Podcast, host Lawrence Rosenberg talks with Sgt. Charlie Eipper, a former U.S. Army helicopter pilot who has spent 30 plus years on the front lines of law enforcement, including 16 years as a member of the Wichita Falls, Texas SWAT team, with extensive experience as a SWAT Sniper and as head of the department’s Gang Task Force Unit. During the discussion, Sgt. Eipper delves into the qualities and traits essential for excelling in the complex and demanding role of a sniper in law enforcement, as well as the profound psychological challenges that can arise following lethal engagements, offering a glimpse into the mental and emotional landscape that police and soldiers are destined to navigate when taking a life. 

Sgt. Eipper also shares his insights on the intersection of faith and duty as outlined in his book, “Jesus Christ on Killing,” and explores the scriptural interpretations of taking a life, examining various biblical passages to understand what the bible articulates about the morality and ethics of killing, and how scripture provides a framework for understanding the morality and legality of lethal force, emphasizing the conditions under which such actions are considered permissible by God. This discussion reflects on the biblical narratives and commandments that discuss the sanctity of innocent lives while also acknowledging the realities of justice and protection that sometimes necessitate and justify taking a life under certain circumstances, such as self-defense, war, and capital punishment. 

Additionally, Sgt. Eipper addresses the fundamental misunderstanding of Christ’s role as the Lamb of God and His commandment to “turn the other cheek,” challenging the belief that Jesus is a pacifist. He provides a compelling case for the notion that Jesus will actually return as a “Man of War.” 






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