Frank Tufano: Carnivore Diet & Fitness Coach

Our guest on this week’s episode of The Alpha Human Podcast is Frank Tufano who has been following a carnivore/animal products only diet for six years. Frank applies logic and science as his foundation for creating the highest vitamin & nutrient-dense diet with the least amount of inflammation, by only consuming foods our ancestors would have consumed; whether it’s from a practical availability perspective, or the avoidance of eating genetically manipulated fruits that have increased their sugar content and size to unimaginable levels.

Tufano also has a fascinating and highly entertaining youtube channel where vegan myths, lies, and dogma are exposed for the politically correct posturing it is, and where the benefits of being a carnivore are espoused in an entirely unique manner and protocol from the movement as it exists today, which for many boils down to eating 2-6 lbs of rib-eye steak per day.

Much of what Frank Tufano evangelizes in the way of nutrition are radical when juxtaposed with conventional thinking, and counter to the advice of every one of the so-called “health authorities,” whose incessant promotion of refined industrial food production as healthy has compromised their credibility as unbiased arbiters of proper human nutrition. In stark contrast, Tufano’s dietary pathway to robust health highlights the fattiest cuts of pastured meat, wild fish, free-range eggs, raw grass-fed dairy, and salt, the complete antithesis of the vegan agri-slop regimes recommended by the global dietary cognoscenti.

Although mainstream dietary convention dictates that the main pillars of Tufano’s nutritional approach e.g., meat, sun, and salt to be the three biggest causes of disease, Tufano deftly explains why the studies the establishment uses to back their claims are invalid and laughably lacking in integrity.

In our interview with Tufano, he recounts the journey that led to becoming a full carnivore years before many of the current proponents of the diet, and why he believes the thought leaders of the modern-day meat only, zero carb movement are wrong in their advocacy of grain and antibiotic fed muscle meats as harmless and healthy.

We also discuss veganism as a cult, why many strict vegans feel good on the diet at first (ketosis), and how his health practice helps heal the devastation induced by a long term vegan lifestyle.

Tufano delves into a wide range of controversial subjects including why the sun is vital to human health, why he lathers up daily with copious amounts of vitamin D3 cream, his controversial view of tanning beds as a healthy, the insanity of geoengineering and the technocracy’s agenda to blot out the sun and cool the earth, as well as his brief stint on Master Chef season nine.

Buckle up for a wild ride with Frank Tufano, raw, and uncensored.

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