Dr. John Jaquish: The Elon Musk of the Fitness Industry

Dr. John Jaquish is the scientist behind the revolutionary X3-Bar, which uses a unique combination of the world’s most powerful resistance bands attached to a platform and detachable bar, that allows for the type of extreme force that builds muscle 3 times faster than conventional weight lifting, without the risk of joint injury. Dr. Jaquish is also a research professor at Rushmore University, and an expert in osteogenic loading and bone density who has been nominated for the National Medal of Science and who is fast becoming known as the Tony Stark (of Iron Man fame), or more likely, the Elon Musk of the health and fitness industry! As much like Musk’s electric, self-driving cars have disrupted the automotive industry, Dr. Jaquish’s research and his inventions are just as likely to level the health and fitness industry, making gyms as we know them today obsolete in the near future.

Dr. Jaquish credentials belie his physique, as he’s possibly the most jacked and shredded scientist you’ll ever meet, standing 6′ feet tall, he is 240 lbs at 9% bodyfat, having added 45 pounds of muscle over three years using his X3-bar. This is possible due to his invention’s ability to deliver tremendous force throughout a movement at varying degrees. Variable resistance, it seems, is the key to extraordinary increases in muscular growth, a finding Dr. Jaquish discovered while conducting research on human performance and bone density. In that study, his team found that they could create enormous levels of force through the body that were 7x greater than normal when isolating specific ranges of motion.

Later studies confirmed that greater anabolic hormone responses are created with variable resistance vs. the use of free weights or machines. These findings have led Dr. Jaquish to the inescapable conclusion that lifting weights is not only an inferior way to trigger muscle growth but that it is “a worthless endeavor.”

“In the strongest people the strongest. I think it’s like top 5% only use 1.53 times their body weight when they exercise their lower body. Well, compared to nine multiples of bodyweight, which was what the top third of the osteogenic loading crowd was doing. So I just said to myself, weightlifting is a waste of time. Like using the same weight in a weaker range and astronomer range is just nonsense. Like it’s a complete mystery of how the body works.”

Dr. Jaquish’s bold statements and the science that backs them up will soon be presented in his forthcoming book Weight Lifting is a Waste of Time, So is Cardio. Due this summer, he and his co-author Henry Alkire, a biomedical engineer, will present the facts behind how the mainstream strength science and fitness industry have gotten the subject of muscle growth so wrong, for so long.

Dr. Jaquish’s paradigm-shifting discovery, his outspoken views on mainstream exercise dogma, as well as his reliance on facts rather than the marketing hype and “bro-science” prognostications of many in the bodybuilding community have fast led him to become the most hated man in the fitness industry. However, his iconoclastic style, as well as his ambitious nature, has produced an entrepreneurial success story. Dr. Jaquish works with elite performers in sports from the NFL to the NBA, legendary quarterback Tom Brady and the Miami Heat’s Wayne Ellington have both used his X3 Bar, as has Professional bodybuilder and Arnold Classic champion, Cedric McMillian. Dr. Jaquish’s innovations have also attracted many in the business community, including leadership guru Tony Robbins, his partner in OsteoStrong, a pioneering bone density device that has reversed osteoporosis for over 30,000 people and has helped many professional athletes become more powerful, resilient and fracture-resistant. Together they have launched over 300 OsteoStrong clinics across the country, with many more to come.

The prolific rise of Dr. Jaquish and his business ventures is astounding when compared to most scientists who typically only see their work published in journals, rarely do they have the savvy to commercialize their ideas or become successful entrepreneurs. Dr. Jaquish, however, maintains an advantage over many of his peers in the scientific community, as early on in his career he worked in B2B enterprise software sales, where he honed his deal-making ability and saw his drive to succeed rewarded with the opportunity to work on lucrative projects in the financial sector as well as some of the biggest names in entertainment at the time such as Kelly Clarkson, InSync, and Hall & Oats.

Dr. Jaquish credits his achievements and what differentiates his results with many who never realize this level of success with 2 key principles, the ability to take massive action and the acquisition of subject matter expertise …

“Two things I do. I’ve never been asked this question. I love his question. So number one, and I was a practitioner of this and when I started spending some time with Tony Robbins (who) became one of my partners, so many people are fear-based decision-makers. Like they have an idea, and they say, but what if it fails? And I’m like, Who cares? Then at least I’ll know that it doesn’t work, then I have no regrets. And so he (Tony) says, life is filled with people that go right to the edge, and they won’t jump in. And he said this is like 99.9% of the population. He said I see people that come to my shows, year after year, I recognize them. I never learned their names because there are tens of thousands of these people. Tony Robbins will get 30,000 people to show up to a conference, (but) they come so much that out of 30,000 people, he starts to recognize them and sometimes he’ll just grab them out of the audience and he’ll say what changes have you made over the last few years, I’ve seen you in a few of the shows and they go “well I’m planning” or “I’m doing” or “they’re getting ready to” – and there was never action? Never action. You just have to do it … so many people actually have good ideas, but it’s like, if you don’t (do it), (then) on your deathbed, you’re gonna sit there and go, why didn’t I do that? So you just have to, it’s like everybody, all your friends, everyone needs to get out of the way, and just let you do it. And that’s, that’s what I did. But both inventions, people told me don’t do that, with the rare exception of some very successful friends, and that was kind of a good clue to me. And my father is a very successful guy. And he’s always like, let’s try, let’s do it, let’s build a prototype. So, coincidentally, he put the car on the moon. He’s one of the guys who designed and built the lunar rover, so he’s clearly a risk-taker. Yeah, so his idea was just to go for it. But with the medical device (OsteoStrong) many of my fraternity brothers would say, Oh, you don’t want to do that, the medical device industry, there’s billions of dollars there, and If it actually works, pharma companies are going to try to shut you down, which kind of happened, There is a medical establishment, and it’s very difficult to break into, it favors pharmaceutical type studies, so if you don’t have their form of prerequisites, it’s really hard to get recognized the way you’d like to be recognized. But other than that, I mean, yes, there are challenges in any industry. I’m sure somebody wants to revolutionize the shoelace industry. That’s probably a pain in the ass too. So, all these industries are, they want to make sure they’re not competitors. So that’s just the nature business. So number one is, you cannot hesitate. You just have to jump you have to do it.”

“The second thing is, especially when you’re going to be a paradigm breaker with something really disruptive, which I’ve now done in two different industries, right? You got to accept the fact that you’re gonna have a lot of arrows in your back, you’re going to infuriate people, which I don’t care about, I made a lot of noise, so you got to ignore that. But then the other thing is, and this is the important part. You have to do enough background research, that you can speak with absolute conviction that without a doubt, you really understand the subject, maybe one of the best in the world. So When it comes to compression of bone and bone adaptation, I’m one of those people when it comes to crossing biomechanics into cellular adaptions. Most people who studied biomechanics, (like) physical therapists and chiropractors, they don’t take a single class on adaptation, Whereas, sports physiologists study adaptation, and maybe a little biomechanics. But understanding both those elements, and how they really work together, I didn’t want to know the most out of either of those two subjects, I want to know the most about how those two subjects relate. And then that was X3, that was the revolutionary fitness product. And so it’s knowing the subject and being able to speak with absolute conviction, and then just making the massive change to go.”

“I’m gonna give you a sales example. I know a guy who sells a Big Data migration. He’s been doing this for years with Fortune 50 type clients, a for tens of millions of dollars in contracts. And he started in engineering. So, he goes in for an engineering consultation, and he doesn’t do the (typical) sales training approach, he’s got his own method, okay. So he goes in for an engineering consultation, he says, I’m just going to analyze how much money we can save you or, or whatever. And they don’t see him as a salesperson, and sooner or later, they’ll either offer him a job, or they’ll say how do we get started? And he goes, Oh, well, I have a draft contract right here, and I put your address on it. It’s for $20 million though, snd they’re like, fine, you’re gonna save us $50 million, that’s his method. And it’s because he knows the subject. Like what I said with X3, I don’t know the most about biomechanics. I know a lot about biomechanics. I don’t know the most about the adaptation of human cells. I know a lot about adaptation human cells, but as the two work together, I think I know the most about that.”

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Neuromuscular and Hormonal Responses to Constant and Variable Resistance Loadings – https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/20473217/


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