Geoffrey Woo: Achieving Metabolic Dominance

Geoffrey Woo is the CEO and co-founder of HVMN, a Silicon Valley-based performance nutrition company and host of the Health Via Modern Nutrition podcast. Geoff is also a Stanford trained computer scientist and the creator of the world’s first drinkable ketone ester.

In this episode of The Alpha Human Podcast, Geoff takes us through his journey as a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who sold his first company to Groupon, and how he went from a bathtub biohacker buying bags of research chemicals on Alibaba, to the CEO of a venture-funded, cutting-edge supplements company that has become highly regarded as the most advanced ketogenic nutrition player in the field.

We also discuss the science of fasting and ketosis, its impact on everything from mental acuity and sports performance, through to how it’s being used in therapeutic research for chronic disease and neurologic disorders. And, we delve into the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) research on peak soldier performance for the Metabolic Dominance Program that led Geoff to work on developing HVMS’s pioneering ketone supplement, along with what happens when ingesting 25 grams drops you into rapid deep ketosis.

Geoff also shares with us the three keys all entrepreneurs and success-minded individuals must consider if they are to rise to the top of their field!

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