Varg Freeborn – An Education in Violence (and Self Defense)

Varg Freeborn is a world-renowned self-defense and gunfight instructor, as well as a lethal force educator, and fitness coach. Varg is also the author of the book Violence of Mind: Training and Preparation for Extreme Violence. Varg’s insight into the topic of violence, preparing for it, understanding it, and defending against it, is informed by having been immersed in violent crime for half of his life. Varg grew up in a household where members of his immediate family were murdered or sent to prison. 17 years ago, at age 19, Varg was convicted in a self-defense case for stabbing his attacker dozens of times, and sentenced to 5 years in prison. After Varg’s release, he went on to become an expert in gunfighting, CQB, breaching, close protection, boxing, BJJ, and today, he provides professional training to civilians, law enforcement, and organizations such as the Ohio Tactical Officer’s Association and the Alliance, OH Police Training Facility (Alliance, OH). Varg’s experience with criminal violence, concealment as fieldcraft, close fighting (especially with weapons), and criminal mindset are unsurpassed in the self-defense industry in the area of civilian criminal violence.

In this episode of The Alpha Human Podcast, Varg Freeborn and Lawrence Rosenberg discuss Varg’s journey as an adolescent growing up in a family surrounded by drug dealing and criminal violence, his incarceration in prison, and the epiphany that led to his rejection of the glorification of violence through to his transition from a child raised by wolves to a life dedicated to training civilians and law enforcement in the art of defense against the predators that roam our streets.

We also explore Varg’s book Violence of Mind, and the psychology crucial to winning a violent conflict while staying true to your mission, as well as the mindset inherent in those you may be forced to engage when faced with an inescapably dangerous confrontation. We delve into the perils of the “sheepdog trap,” how culture, values, attachments, parameters, experience, and confidence will make the difference in both your response and the enemy’s actions when engaged in a violent encounter, and how self-control in all areas of life and skill will play a crucial role in your ability to defend, survive and if necessary, wage war and execute in a violent manner to save your life and that of your loved ones.


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